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Working through Inertia

Journal entry 22nd August 2022

Photo by Terence White (from Waves, 2011)

Lie on your tummy, rather than your back

You’re always looking up or out

You are never looking down

Feel the compression of joints in the skeleton dropping an dripping into the earth

The weight of the body nestling into comfy spot.

Surrender the weight to the earth

What does that feel like

A momentary letting go….

Breathing out but down into the ground

Is earth a soft cushion or is it sucking your weight in to its core wanting to swallow you up whole,

Feel your heaviness

Can any part of your body find pleasure in this inertia?

Become conscious of your points of contact with the ground

Bring awareness to your skin and the cold smooth surface.

Do you limbs fold in certain ways and open out or slide

Can inertia be your friend ? Demanding pause & consideration

Forcing you to place a full stop so you can begin a new full sentence again

Is there another way out of inertia?

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