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About Prompts For The Mover Blogsite

Dee Grant is delighted to share this new blogsite with the public. 'Prompts for the Mover' blogsite is a companion piece to the book (same-titled) that is due to be published in January 2023. This blog allows the reader/mover to have a deeper understanding of the improvisational and somatic dance processes involved in her practice, and in her making the book in the context of her own residency at Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, Ireland during the year of 2022.

In this blog, Dee focuses introspectively. She records her weekly writings & observations on creative & poetic improvisational prompts that help the body reconstruct and regenerate with a eye to solo practice for performance & dance creation. The blogsite is inspired by her return to the professional dance community after her recent cancer diagnosis & treatment in 2021.

The visuals and subject matter will be of interest to dance artists/ theatre practitioners & other creatives who feel ‘stuck’ in their practice or for artists/creatives who wish to re-ignite, restart, recover their practice having experienced a pause due to injury, the pandemic or a recovery from illness.

This work kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Waterford Council & Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford.

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