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The pain-body

Journal entry, 8th August 2022

Today the body is in pain, as I go to the floor,

Not one part of me, but all.



the pain- body



Sitting, lying down, turning stretching, it nags like a hungry dog

No rest

Time passes, as I start to engage with old patterns, think methodical

Working through the the folds in the joints first, slowing down each articulation, opening up

Trying to find SOME pleasure in this stretch

Even Flexion has pain today?

Flexion my loyal companion of 50 years doesn’t want to know me today

Should I BEND and FOLD in my stretch

Should I REST?

Where is my attention drawn to the most, my body or my mind?

Motor it out?

Work it out ?

Push through it?

Accept where you are?

The answers aren’t easy today.

I can’t hear the body,

It's Palpable

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